How would I go about setting up the following.

A specific product can be manufactured on machine 1. (this being the preferred
machine). However it could also be manufactured on machine 2 or machine 3.

What I would like to be able to do if the Machine 1 has reached capacity,
then the demand must be moved to machine 2, then to machine 3 whilst I am
planning. (MPS should do this for me)

Is there a way of doing this?



Yes, this can be achieved using task groups by assigning one of them to the production order’s operation.

A task group has a list of work centers which should be used when the best possible work center is being searched for performing the operation. The best work center means – the one that can do job faster(earlier).

Each line in the task group has a sorting criteria (it is called Requirement) where you can specify a number which will be used if there are equaly fast work centers and you need to define which one should be used first. The lowest number is used first.

Here is how you can set this up in AX:

1) Create an item of type BOM

2) Add one operation to the route (Items > Route button) and set the Work center field to e.g. “Machine 1”.

3) Go to tab page Setup, do right click on the Task group field and go to the Main table form.

4) Create a new task group and on the tab page Work centers add two lines for the two alternative work centers – “Machine 2” and “Machine 3”. Set the Requirement field to 10 for “Machine 2” and to 20 for “Machine 3”. This will assure the sequence of how the machines will be used.

5) Assign the newly created task group to the operation.

6) Make sure all machines (1, 2, 3) have parameter “Finite capacty” set. (Work centers – tab page General).

7) Create a production order for the item created at the step 1 and do Update > Job scheduling. Check results in the Production > Jobs form. You can see that the selected work center is “Machine 1”.

8) Do the same as on the step 7 (create another production order and run job scheduling for it) and you will see that now system has selected the work center – “Machine 2” for the same time interval (because “Machine 1” is booked).

9) If you repeat the step 7 again (create the third production order and job schedule it), then the time interval will be the same, but the selected work center will be – “Machine 3″(because “Machine 2” was booked on the step 8).

10) If you do it one more time, then there is no more alternative work centers and system will book a later time and the selected work center will be “Machine 1” again and if you continue creating production orders you will get the same results – all alternative work centers will be used.

Graphically it looks like below:

Blog Image

Figure 1. Production job scheduling on alternative work centers.

For simplicity production orders on the figure have only one operation and only one job of type Process, so they look like one bar.